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Custom Built Canvas Canopies

This goes for if your father is also the outdoorsy type: fisherman, hunter, camper, or even just a general bakkie enthusiast. We have everything his heart desires.

4 Unique Father’s Day Gifts to Choose from:

Custom Built Canvas Canopy for ballie’s bakkie:

Give your dad’s bakkie a well-deserved makeover with a custom built canopy cover. It protects his bakkie and create a security for materials and supplies in transit! It will even add a passenger-friendly experience for those weekends on the farm.custom build canvas canopies







“Ons gaan nou braai”; lapa and braai area covers:

Let’s be honest, this one will make mom even happier- but we all know that a smile on her face puts a smile on his! Cover the braai area up so that even cold weekends can be filled with the smoky smells of a proudly South African braai. Proud pa, skaaptjops and a cosy braai area- klink vir my soos ‘n wenner!custom built canvas canopies







We can help you put a cover over your braai area in many different ways and styles, just tell us what you need.

custom built canvas canopies







For dad’s who bring home the bacon- literally:

Have you considered a hunting frame bench? Providing natural born providers with practical gifts will make any father a happy hunter. Think about it, he will be so eager to go hunting again that you will get another big bag of biltong soon!

custom built canvas canopies






 Boat T-Top Cover:

If sea spray isn’t exactly what dad is after, how about a nose cover for his darling mistress of the sea? He can put it on and take it off as he wishes- it’s all about the sun and weather! Who says children can’t take care of their parents, eh? This way dad is safe from the sun while enjoying his water adventures.

custom built canvas canopies


Whatever your dad enjoys, you can make it even more special with the help of Custom Built Canvas Canopies!


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