Custom Built Canopies: To Aluminium or to Canvas, that is the Question

Custom Built Canvas Canopies canvas

A canopy for your bakkie can make any drive more peaceful and secure. A custom built canopy, well, that’s the ultimate add-on for any avid bakkie lover! You can choose, not only the fit and design, but also the material used to build a cover that suits your individual needs. Now, that’s what I call service!

The only thing left to do now is to decide what kind of canopy you would like on your bakkie to best suit your needs.  What is right for you? An aluminium canopy or a canvas canopy?

The Advantages of an Aluminium Canopy:

  • Lightweight metal- You can use more material without compromising on strength and you save money on petrol – bargain!
  • Durable- The robust nature of the aluminium means the canopy is strong.
  • Fire resistant- Aluminium retains its value in hot or cold condition.
  • Longevity- The long life-span of aluminium, thanks to its non-corrosive properties, makes it ideal for canopy applications.
  • Low-maintenance- The aluminium needs minimal tending to. A clean every so often is all it needs to maintain its shine.
  • Security- No items, passengers or supplies will be exposed to the elements or in danger of falling off your bakkie. Your items are safe from the elements and potential wondering eyes.
  • Time Saving- Creating more packing space can reduce your travel time by potentially minimising the number of trips needed to transport passengers or materials.


Custom Built Canvas Canopies aluminium

The Advantages of a Canvas Canopy:

  • Easy to store- If you do not require the canopy for a period of time, it is simple to fold up and store.
  • Easy to remove- When your day-to-day life is unpredictable, the canvas canopy will not stand in your way.
  • Better fuel economy- Canvas covers have been proved to allow you to drive further with less petrol – nog ‘n bargain!
  • Water-proof- The canvas cover will keep the interior bone dry come wind, rain, sleet or snow.
  • Versatile- You can remove your cover when you please or even get one with windows and openings to suit your needs.



custom built canopies

Whichever style appeals to you, life is better with a Custom Built Canopy. Go on, spoil yourself!

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