5 Creative Gifts We Can Help You With

custom built canvas awnings

One thing is for sure, your mom does not need another macaroni necklace or a voucher for “love and kisses.” Visit Custom Built Canvas Canopies to find a gift she needs, wants and will be surprised by. Even if you have already organised her Mother’s Day presents- when is her birthday?! We have plenty of options available to put a smile on her face!


Treat your mom to an outdoor space that is safe from the sun and other weather elements. Now she can enjoy the outdoors in style!

Custom built canvas gazebo






 Lapa & Braai Area Covers

Is your mom always complaining about how it is too cold for a braai? Sometimes mother knows best, but in this case there is a solution to anything that may get in the way of a family braai. Have a custom cover installed so when winter comes in May, a braai cover means you can ‘kuier’ with Ma outside come rain, sleet or sun!

custom built covers

Couch and Table Covers

 Now that mom can spend much more time outside, covers for outdoor furniture may be a wise investment. No dust, no fuss – only the best for mom!

Custom built canvas furniture covers

Bird Cages

Surprise mom with her very own story book bird cage so that her pretties are always warm and taken care of. Now she can spend time with her winged friends while enjoying the outdoors. Mom’s outdoor sanctuary is dust free (thanks to the furniture covers), warm (thanks to the Lapa and Braai area Covers) and even filled with the sounds of birdsong.

Bird cages

Dog Beds

If your mother doesn’t want to go outside to enjoy her animal friends, help her bring them inside for the winter. A canvas bed for her four-legged friends may be exactly what she wants. This bed will keep dogs warm, safe and off the cold ground, just like mom!


Explore to find what would make your mother happy this Mother’s Day. Show her you care! Happy Mother’s Day!



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