5 Kinds of Men Who Need a Budget Canopy


What is a Budget Canopy?

If your bakkie does not have one already, the Budget Canopy includes a standard steel frame. This is an impressive structure that is intended to provide protection for passengers and/or materials in transit.

The Budget Canopy also includes a custom made canvas cover that is fixed in the front of the standard load box frame which, if necessary, can also be supplied.

With this powerful duo, goods can be packed neatly and securely and people can sit more comfortably. This canvas cover is very easy to remove and put back on, so it only needs to be used when necessary; specifically when protecting people and goods from sun, rain, wind and cold.

Who is a Budget Canopy for?

If you are an avid camper, regular hunter or an on-the-go construction/maintenance man who owns a single, double or super cab bakkie, this one is for you!  Those who wish to delve into easy-going modifications for improving their transport conditions, have come to the right place.

1. Campers

You can turn the load box into anything from a simple built in bed to an elaborately equipped travel house. Think of that dreamy under-the-stars relax-haven that campers experience! It will only take a quick moment to close the canvas cover up again before bed time, so that you are protected from things that go bump in the night and insects alike.

Is the whole family coming along, and you need more sleeping space? Consider getting custom made canvas camping beds- made from the same top-quality material as your budget canopy cover!

Custom built canvas canopies






2. Music Festival Enthusiasts

This one seems to go hand in hand with camping, because that’s what most people do at festivals, right? But let’s think about it- when you’re at a festival you aren’t spending as much time around your bakkie! You just want to keep your belongings safe and find them easily. You can do this by building a well-designed drawer system into your budget canopy, perhaps? Don’t forget to add to the cart- it’s very important to catch shade at a festival!

custom built canvas canopies





3. Drive-in lovers

Your bakkie doesn’t only come in handy for long trips- you can use it for fun activities on week nights too! Take your special lady out to a drive-in, picnic date night. A romantic gesture like this is timeless, just do it! To keep warmth and privacy intact, all you have to do is open the rear tailgate window flap.

4. Hunters

There are so many ways that you can modify your bakkie to make it the hunter’s ultimate dream- but the main focus is to keep your equipment and your catch safe from predators and harsh weather. You can also consider installing a hunting roof rack or a hunting frame bench in addition to your existing steel frame.

custom built canvas cover 3

5. The Maintenance Man

Protect all of your equipment, store it neatly and always have it with you on site with a custom built budget canopy. Add dust-proofing modifications, bin liners and drawer systems inside your load box for optimal advantages! Have you seen our contractor’s canopies? You may want to read more on A Canopy for Any Occasion: The Contractor’s Canopy.

And remember, whatever your specific needs are- we have you covered! Our Budget Canopies are as custom-made as all our other products; designed specifically to suit your bakkie and your needs. Contact us today!

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