A Canopy for any Occasion: The Contractor’s Canopy

Custom contractors canopy

Contract work is labour intensive, which usually goes hand in hand with having a heavy duty vehicle. A canopy is a contractor’s safety blanket for this, as it is responsible for keeping equipment and supplies, secure, safe and always available. Safe, not only from the elements but prepared for their journey ahead.

A contractor’s canopy guarantees the safe transit of large-scale building supplies without the fear of losing them. You know the feeling; driving behind a vehicle that has tied wood panels to the roof of a sedan. Sheepishly following the car wondering when you’ll need to dodge the materials that are bound to come flying out by the times it hits a higher speed on the highway, or takes a turn too quickly.

A contractor canopy is custom built to fit your vehicle’s load box to avoid losing supplies and endangering other drivers. The security of your supplies and tools within the load box means that your equipment will embark on a smooth transit wherever it is taken.

The load box can be filled not only safely but conveniently, as a contractor canopy suits individual needs. The contractor canopy provides:

  • Peace of mind for the safe transit of passengers
  • Secure fit and protection for supplies- to ensure nothing gets lost en-route
  • Simple to install/detach
  • Custom fit and design for a perfect fit, every time
  • Comfortable use of the space for loading and unloading of materials or passengers
  • Made of lightweight, durable stainless steel, with the option of a canvas cover that does not interfere with the aerodynamics of the vehicle
  • Custom design to personal contractor needs and vehicle for the best result

The custom design mean your loading needs and vehicle functions are met while satisfying your need for space and security. Your contracting transit needs will be met from safety to functionality.

The contractor canopy is a multifunctional tool to allow your business to grow as you know all your supplies and passengers will reach their destination. The custom build means a perfect fit every time. All you need now is a tank of petrol, helping hands and a teeny drop of sweat on the brow to get the job done.

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