How to make your bakkie pet-friendly: with pictures!

Custom Built Canvas Cover

How often do your pets travel with you? Whether they join in on long road trips with the family, or merely drive around with you while do the odd chore, there are lots of things that you can do to make their trip safer and more comfortable. Here are 6 custom-made ideas that will help you turn your bakkie into a doggy-dream!

1. Weather proof

Does your bakkie have an existing steel frame? If not, having a custom made frame with a canvas cover is definitely worth considering! If yes, then you’re ready to get a custom-made canvas cover to fit the steel frame. This will keep your pets safe from strong wind and poor weather while travelling long distances. Make sure to choose a canvas cover design that has a zip-open window for air- things can get pretty stuffy in there!

Custom Made Canvas Cover








2. Safety first

If your dog lives life on the wild side and enjoys the refreshing wind, then there is no need to have the canvas cover fitted on at all times. However, make sure that your bakkie is secure by adding a steel frame that closes the bakkie off completely without making the space claustrophobic. Your dogs will enjoy the ride of their lives and you won’t have to worry about them jumping off at traffic lights or in parking lots.

Custom Made Canvas Cover







3. Shade is essential

Maybe your dogs are trained really well not to jump out of your bakkie when they get overexcited. Or maybe you aren’t going to travel far at all, and your dogs are accompanying you on a fun trip out on the farm! Well int hat case a full cage isn’t so necessary. Rather consider a canvas cover to shade one half of your bakkie only. This way anyone who is sitting at the back will be shaded from the sun without having their view obstructed!

Custom Made Canvas Cover







4. Make some space

So let’s focus on the space problem- your dogs are taking over the back of your bakkie, where all your luggage and groceries are also being transported. Maybe you are scared things fall around and hurt your pets; or maybe you know the curious little creatures are going to dig in and around your stuff, in hopes of finding a snack or a nice sweater to lie on. Well, why not install a structure that splits your bakkie in two? All your belongings can rest in the one half while your pets have the other half entirely to themselves.

Custom Made Canvas Cover








5. Also protect your space

A proper, durable bin liner will protect your car’s interior from your dog’s hair and strong nails; or place it on the steel floor to help make the space more comfortable for them to lie down on. Bin liners are extremely easy to install and remove, so you only have to use it when it’s absolutely necessary! They can also be custom made so all your specific needs will be met.

Custom Made Canvas Cover








6. Add extra comfort

Don’t forget about the importance of good rest! A canvas-covered doggy bed is ideal for travelling because it is both light and durable.  Your dogs will be comfortable in their own space no matter where you go.

Custom Made Canvas Cover








Contact Custom Built Canvas Canopies to get started on customising your bakkie; we have loads of advice and great ideas that will turn your bakkie into everything it needs to be!

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