5 ways to make your bakkie good again

Custom-made cover for bakkies

How a custom-made cover and a little bit of creativity can change your bakkie completely.

Your bakkie is your best friend, it makes complete sense that you are attached to it. But unfortunately, like all of us, your best friend will start showing signs of age and hard work. But you aren’t going to sell him, just because he is looking under the weather. Rather give him a little refurbishing, make him new again so that you can work side-by-side again. Here is how:

Renew the colour

We don’t mean get a new paint job- that is too expensive and actually unnecessary. But what you can do, that’s more affordable and less time consuming, is powder coat the existing steel frame. Resurfacing the aluminum/steel means that you can change its colour and get rid of the old look. It will also make your steel frame more durable for the future. We can help you get the job done!

Add a custom-made cover

If you don’t want to re-coat the aluminum/steel, or you feel like doing that alone is not enough, why not get a custom-made canvas cover that fits your steel frame perfectly? This will protect your bakkie from dusty roads, tough terrains and bad weather. We can modify your design to suit your needs, there are no limits!

Consider a positive pressure patch

If your bakkie takes you on many dusty roads and you are constantly struggling to keep dust from layering your bakkie and the content inside, you can really do with a canvas cover that has a positive pressure patch. The positive pressure patch keeps dust out of your bakkie canopy by making sure that air pressure inside your bakkie is higher than outside.

Refresh your interior

Your bakkie’s seats have probably seen a lot of wear and tear after so many work projects and family holidays. Or, if not, maybe you are scared that it is going to start losing its tip-top condition soon enough anyway. Rip stop seat covers are your saving grace! You can have seat covers custom-made to fit, using colour from our range of ripstop canvas colours.

Anything else you can think of?

If you have any renovation ideas, but you don’t see what you are looking for on our gallery, let us know! We can discuss your idea together and come up with a custom-made cover, or any other solution that fits your unique needs.

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