5 Ways to Protect Your Furniture While You Are Travelling

Canvas Covers for Furniture

Set off on your trip with peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken the right steps toward keeping your furniture at home safe from damage. We know that, even when you travel, you want to know that you will be coming home to a clean, tidy and well-maintained house. To help you keep your furniture in tip-top condition, we suggest the following:

Clean Your House

Before you leave your house, make sure you clean your entire house and wipe down all your furniture pieces. Not only will this ensure that you don’t arrive back at your safe haven to find a dirty pig sty, but it will also ensure that marks and stains don’t form on your furniture.

Cover Your Furniture

Make sure you cover your valuable furniture with the right material. This will keep it protected from dust wear and tear, sun damage (if it is exposed to any light), pets and breakage.

Custom canvas furniture cover






Purchase Furniture Covers that Fit

Purchase covers that fit your furniture perfectly. If you purchase covers that are too tight, your furniture may get damaged as a result of being squeezed into the covering; alternatively, covers that are too loose will not be effective in protecting your furniture from dust and damage.

Cover breakables with bubble wrap and cover larger furniture with custom made canvas covers. Custom Built Canvas Canopies can make you custom furniture covers for interior and exterior furniture to keep your furniture stays in tip-top condition.

Ask Someone to Look after Your Pets

Make sure your pets are happy, healthy and well fed as well as kept in a safe area of your home. Pets who are nervous or unhappy may end up scratching, chewing or urinating on your furniture. Make sure your pets have all they need to keep them content. See Dog Products and accessories.

Install Window and Door Awnings

Window and door awning are useful all year round. They protect your door and window frames as well as your furniture from sun and moisture damage while, if installed well, improves the appearance of your house. We provide custom made canvas coverings for your windows and doors that are waterproof, durable and well crafted.

Have a Stress-less Trip!

Once you’ve made sure your furniture is protected, you can enjoy a trip without worrying about all your belongings. Let us help you get that peace of mind. Contact Custom Built Canvas Canopies for canvas covering solutions that will suit your needs.


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